The Island Life

Simmons' View

We hiked to a very remote place on the island.  We ended up on an empty beach, whose beauty made my sweat drenched body content with our long walk.  Again silence was appropriate to take in the sights of a world I wouldn’t have believed existed had I not seen it for myself.

Indonesian is an aggressive language.  Similar to many moments listening to Thai, I couldn’t determine whether she was angry or excited.  As this aged woman yelled in my direction, waving her machete,  I began to feel vulnerable.  She was small but strong as she waved her knife with control and knowledge of its workings.  My feet stopped me, even though I was curious as to what she was trying to convey.  She kept walking towards me and out of the tall grove of palm trees came a much younger girl.  With the sight of her I became…

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