Japanese billionaire wants poverty for workers

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This video is called Homelessness in Japan (City Poor in Japan 2008).

By John Watanabe:

Japanese retail giant introduces Third World wages

6 May 2013

Fast Retailing, the biggest retailer in Asia and the fourth largest in the world, is in process of setting a uniform pay scale for its employees worldwide. This represents an escalation in the attacks on the already impoverished retail employees in Japan and other so-called developed countries, with their wages being cut to the levels imposed on the super-exploited workers of China, India and South East Asia.

Fast Retailing chairman and CEO Tadashi Yanai told Asahi Shimbun on April 23: “Our fundamental way of thinking is that employees should be paid the same amount regardless of where they work, as long as they produce the same results.”

Yanai, Japan’s wealthiest individual, declared: “If you do not change, you will die.” He…

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