Larissa prisons : 585 PRISONERS ON HUNGER STRIKE

larisaThe State has shown its zero tolerance with the raids by the EKAM (special forces) and beatings of prisoners in most prisons of Greece lately.

However the hunger strike of the prisoners in Larissa prisons, which began on 29/4, is one of the minimal and stronger means of resistance which they have at their disposal.

Our support to their struggle is obvious.

The white cells of the “leftist” justice minister Antonis Roupakiotis will not pass. Our minds are next to those who fight for dignity.


Three prisoners-hunger strikers who had serious health problems in the past and are much older, were transferred to the hospital a while ago.

These incidents happen during the hunger strike which began on Monday, April 29th, by 580 prisoners of Larissa prisons, who demand obvious and alleged vested rights of theirs, concerning days of leave, pharmaceutical treatment and social service, which are not provided to them. They are enraged with the provocative attitude of those in charge who play with the lives of the prisoners and make the dignity of the latter a disputed aspect of their personality…


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs

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