Freedom Fighters

When I’m talking with other radicals I find that all of us romanticize revolution too much, but whenever I read or hear about all the global uprisings around the world I am completely fascinated.

I think about my comrades in «Greece», «Chile», «Portugal», «Spain», «Italy», «Tunisia», «Egypt», «Palestine», «Mexico», «Bangladesh», «Indonesia», and elsewhere quite often, and envision what they face.

You have no past and no future; your existence is embodied in the moment.

You lose nothing, since you have lost everything.

You have been controlled, extorted, lied, destroyed, and maimed by parasites. Resistance is the only response.

The blasts.

The fire.

The sirens.

Your own death means nothing compared to the loss of liberty.

You have survived.

I am beside you.

You will win.

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